Blue Class

Roman Day
Since September our year 3/4 children have learning lots about the Romans. They have looked at where they came from, the language they spoke, the Roman army, clothes they wore, food they ate and many more aspects of Roman life. We therefore wanted to end our topic with  an exciting Roman day.
Therefore, children, as part of their homework, created their Roman outfits based on their role at a Roman feast, on the day they made Roman leaf crowns, participated in a quiz about the Romans and played Roman style games and made a mosaic of their initials.
It was a fantastic day enjoyed by all, including the staff, which was ended with a Roman feast in the hall. All children took on their roles at the feast to either be royal members / rich Romans and or servants. There was a variety of Roman foods for children to try, which amazingly most of them did! Children enjoyed their food while listen to Roman style music, creating a wonderful feast atmosphere.

Houghton Regis Primary School