Maths Curriculum

Intent Statement

At Houghton Regis Primary School, we will ensure all children, including disadvantaged pupils, are secondary school ready by the end of Year 6. They will have confidence in everyday mathematics, an ability to problem solve and be able to challenge themselves. We offer an immersive curriculum to all of our pupils, across a range of abilities.

Subject Leader: Miss K McKune

At Houghton Regis Primary, we use the Herts Essentials Maths Curriculum to influence our planning of daily maths lessons. Maths skills are taught through discreet daily lessons, which reinforce mathematical fluency and reasoning.  Pupils are taught problem solving skills and are provided with the opportunity to apply their understanding through a range of activities, which, when appropriate, they can self-select. STEM questioning is used and all pupils are encouraged to strive for mastery in a range of ways. Our curriculum aims to bring everyday Mathematics out of the classroom and into the real world.

Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract

HFL Essentials Maths links the concrete experiences of children in the classroom with pictorial and abstract representations (written). As a school we strive to promote and deliver our Maths learning in the following ways:

Concrete Manipulatives

Objects that are moved physically by the pupil, such as counters, multilink and place value counters. Concrete resources help children make sense of abstract ideas. We encourage this from EYFS to UKS2.


At this stage, children translate the concrete experience into jottings and pictures; for example, drawing Diennes equipment or tens frames.


Ultimately, children are expected to record their mathematical thinking and working in a compacted form of notation. This would include long and short division and multiplication. Explicit individual steps may not be visible. The informal and expanded methods expose all the intermediate steps.

Maths Calculation & Progression Policy

Calculation and Progression Policy

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Useful Websites – TTRockstars – Mathletics – A range of inspiring and engaging maths activities and challenges – Interactive activities covering a range of mathematical concepts. – Free interactive Maths resources arranged in the different maths topic categories. – Full of maths games and activities. – Clear tutorials and explanations of all mathematical concepts – A range of interactive activities


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