At Houghton Regis Primary School we offer gymnastics club to children in Years 1-4. We are teaching the children to understand the importance of warming up our bodies to prevent injury. This club helps children enhance their gymnastic ability and focuses on balance, coordination, strength, flexibility and control. During the after school lessons, the children are shown how to use the gymnastics apparatus such as safety landing mats and a springboard correctly to develop their skills further. We are following the British Gymnastics Core Proficiency Awards and teaching our gymnasts the key skills required to become a successful athlete.

Feedback from the children who attend our club…

“I like that we get to do try new things every Monday” – Year 1 child

“I liked learning how to sit in straddle” – Year 1 child

“I liked it when I was climbing on the wall bars” – Year 1 child and Year 2 child

“My favourite time was when we got the parachute out” – Year 1 child

“I love that we get to use the new equipment” – Year 2 child

“I really like gymnastics club because we get to play different games and I like jumping on the crash mat” – Year 2 child

Ms Hewer & Miss Waller

Houghton Regis Primary School