School Parliament

School Parliament at Houghton Regis Primary School


What is a School Parliament?

A School Parliament or School Council is a group of pupils (elected by their peers) who act as representatives of their classmates in discussions around school issues and matters with the head teacher, staff and peers. Our School Parliament help to make decisions about how the school is run and take on projects that support the children’s learning and development, as well as supporting school life and the local community. School Parliament also allows children to engage in the democratic process of election and demonstrates values of democracy and respect. Our School Parliament allows children to have their voices heard and to be part of a whole school and local community. The School Parliament will meet once a month to discuss matters such as, fundraising events, behaviour, playground activities and keeping safe.

Our Aims: 

The aims of the School Parliament at Houghton Regis Primary School are:


Skills Provided: 

Class Representative 
Gold Grace
Platinum Paul
Orange Ava-Kate
Indigo Reggie
Purple Jaxon-Jay
Green Mia
Yellow Pelageya
Blue David
Charlotte Alisia
Elizabeth Abeeha
Red Bailey
Sapphire Danyaal
Amber Victoria
Emerald Alexandru


Child Role
Chair Oliver M
Vice Chair Lia
Secretary Jorene
Treasurer Liam
Welfare Officer Kamil
Reception Support Kyla
Orange Class Support Lara
Indigo Class Representative Anton


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