Values and Ethos


At Houghton Regis Primary we are proud to celebrate each child as an individual with unique needs, aspirations and beliefs. The life of our school is driven by enthusiasm and a desire to achieve. We want to give our children a thirst for learning that continues with them throughout their future school experiences and lives. An essential ingredient for this to happen is teamwork.

We view education as a joint venture, involving everyone – children, parents/carers, staff,
Governors and the wider community.


We aim to:


HRPS is a values based school. Our values programme promotes diversity and unites children, parents, staff, governors and the wider community in our shared vision. Core values (which include British Values) are promoted through all aspects of school life. Values essential to developing self-respect and regard for others, and for making a positive contribution to society are discussed and explored with children in lessons, in assemblies and in everyday interactions. Values such as respect, enthusiasm, resilience, tolerance, and empathy form part of our programme. We strongly believe in making our school a central part of our community and in giving children the skills and understanding to make a positive contribution to that community – values based education is crucial in this.

Values on a monthly basis for 2017-19

Houghton Regis Primary School