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At Houghton Regis Primary School, the intent of our Science Curriculum is
to provide the children with an engaging and immersive education that
increases their knowledge and understanding about the world around them.
Our curriculum has been designed to encourage our pupils’ curiosity about
their daily experiences and allows plenty of opportunity for scientific
investigation to make accurate and analytical judgements. We consider the
local environment and the experiences of our children, which we build on
through the use of a variety of learning resources, including our forest school
area. In EYFS, the children develop an understanding of the world by
discovering and investigating different areas during their teacher led and
child led learning. Within Key Stage 1, children begin to engage with different
types of scientific enquiry, making predictions and conclusions related to
their investigations. In Key Stage 2, the children begin to engage in more
complex experimentation as their skills and understanding progresses. We
encourage all children to engage with a variety of equipment, ask interesting
questions and build on prior knowledge, in order to establish themselves as
strong and confident young scientists.

HRPS Whole School Science Curriculum Overview

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