Forest School

The Magic of Forest School

Originally a Scandinavian idea, forest schools operate on the principle that children of all ages can benefit greatly from the hands-on learning opportunities inherently present in a natural/woodland environment. In an age where many children have few opportunities to be outdoors, it offers them a way to learn and experience a broad curriculum in a wood-land setting, with regular visits throughout the year.

What are our aims?

Through the Forest School ethos, we at Houghton Regis Primary School aim to provide children with opportunities to take measured risks, learn more about themselves and their relationships with others. Under the guidance of a fully qualified Forest School Leader we aim for all children to experience nature in a hands-on, safe, secure and supported environment.

Under the guidance of a Level 3 Forest School Leader, children will experience a range of activities. All curriculum areas can be taught within the Forest school with some being taught through activities such as:

Cooking on an open camp fire

Shelter building

Using hand tools.

We aim to have the Forest School up and running during the Autumn Term and will keep you informed as and when your child will have the opportunity to take part in this wonderful experience.

Forest School happens regardless of the temperature!



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