Children in Red and Yellow classes have been going swimming now for 4 weeks and will continue to do so throughout the summer term. They look forward to their Friday ‘excursions’ to Inspire Swimming Pool. On arriving for the first time, some of them could not believe how big it was; ‘Wow’ and ‘Look at all that water’ were some of the comments. However, now a few weeks down the line, they are all more confident and enthusiastic in their groups. It is lovely to see them enjoying the experience each week and to see some children now learning to swim and moving up groups. Having the opportunity to have fun in the water is one of most important benefits of learning how to swim.

Some of the comments on their swimming lessons include:

“I look forward to Friday and learning a new skill in the water” – Year 4 Child

“I love the fun we have learning to swim” – Year 3 Child

“Fridays is my favourite day of the week.  I’ve never been to a swimming pool before” – Year 4 Child

“I can now swim unaided” – Year 3 Child

“I can now swim and breathe properly!” -Year 4 Child

Mrs Reed also reports how well the children in Years 5 and 6 are doing with their swimming at Lea Manor Pool. The instructors there have really complimented the behaviour, attitude and swimming progress of our HRPS learners. Currently, Emerald Class go to Lea Manor on Tuesdays and Amber Class on Fridays.

Some of the comments on their swimming lessons include:

“Swimming is fun.” Year 5 Child

“I like swimming because it’s so nice after lockdown to go somewhere fun with your class outside school. I particularly like it when they do games in the water at the end of the lesson.” Year 5 Child

Our Sapphire children will be joining the swimming groups with their own additional swim session next half term. This academic year, despite the lockdown, all the children in Years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 have been learning to swim.

By the end of their Primary schooling, it is hoped that all children will be able to swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of 25 metres and be able to use a range of strokes effectively. Swimming is also excellent for children’s well-being, health and personal development.

Mrs T White

PE and Enrichment Leader



Houghton Regis Primary School