Intent Statement

Technology is consistently developing and will play a pivotal part in our children’s lives. Therefore at Houghton Regis Primary School we strive to ensure we deliver a computing curriculum that provides children with the skills and knowledge to flourish in any technological environment. We believe it is important to ensure that our pupils know how to use technology responsibly, safely and positively. Being technologically literate is essential and therefore we endeavour to provide a worthwhile computing curriculum from Key Stage 1. Children will learn to understand technology is all around us and comes in many different forms, how technology is used in day to day life and the beginning of how this technology is created. We believe in the importance of our children developing their knowledge of e-safety; ensuring they understand there is always a choice when using technology (especially social media). When children understand how to use this positively, we can prevent any issues we see with technology/social media through education. Through consistently embedding accurate vocabulary from early on, we hope our children will not only to use, but fully understand language such as coding, algorithms, debugging and logical reasoning. Alongside this, children continuously develop their skills of research, word processing and data handling, often through cross curricular links.

The Teach Computing Curriculum uses the National Centre for Computing Education’s computing taxonomy to ensure comprehensive coverage of the subject. Our leaning outcomes are:

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