Home Learning

15 Jan 2021

This morning I visited the ‘in school’ KS1 bubble who had discovered a large, golden egg in the forest school area. There were many suggestions from the pupils about who or what may have laid the egg. Suggestions ranged from Issac putting forward the concept that a dinosaur may have been involved, to a number of girls who thought it must just be an oversized chicken’s egg, to Jaden thinking the egg belonged to an eagle to finally Ava suggesting a dragon had laid the egg. At this stage the class looked skywards to check the offending beast was not still hovering around Houghton Regis! The coast seemed clear and Mrs Bonney then leaned forward and lifted the large egg. The teacher then skillfully led a discussion around what the dragon may have looked like. Who can share an expanded noun phrase to describe the adjectives? Who can use two adjectives? The children let their imaginations do the hard work and dutifully began selecting suitable adjectives to paint pictures of a range of dragons with words. As the pupils returned to Purple Classroom dragon mucus and skin was spotted.

Following Thomas’ suggestion of an investigation being necessary the artefacts in question were photographed and logged. I look forward with great interest to reading Year 1 and 2s dragon stories next week, both from pupils in school and those working at home.

Mr J Edwards




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